Cloud-cloaked Mountain

So they got the weather forecast right after all, but perhaps not as bad as expected. The mountains were shrouded in heavy drapes of low-hanging clouds, but the rain was only occasional on the twisty winding drive to San Vito di Cadore. Rather infuriating really, because all of the hiking maps and welcome signs along the road suggest that the mountains are splendid and rugged indeed. There were few signs of spring at the top of the pass, but at 1000 m the forests are a perfect combination of dark evergreens with the almost fluorescent green of fresh new leaves and fruit trees in blossom. Add to that the sheer cliffs still covered in snow at the top (at least from what I can see through the clouds), and it makes for some remarkable scenery.

20150501_184243Locanda Montana was bright and welcoming. After yesterday’s rather heavy dumplings, a decision was made to lighten up on the meals today. I’m not entirely sure that my lunch of pasta e fagioli classifies as “light” but it sure tasted and felt good, especially with the steady rain that finally set in for the rest of the afternoon, forcing us to relax in the room until 6 pm (oh the misery).

Admittedly, 2 days spent either in my car or indoors had me feeling positively caged, so as soon as the rain let up, we took a stroll around the area, following a rushing milky river through a lush green forest.


Frosty looking river

We certainly whet an appetite for another “light” meal for dinner. I suppose the zero carb factor (we didn’t eat the polenta) makes it healthy…ish.


Healthy dinner!! We ate it all. Yum.

I go to bed wishing that tomorrow’s forecast is right, and that there will indeed be some clear skies in the morning, so that the mountains finally shed their cloudy cloaks and show us what they’ve got underneath.